Creative ESP
Enhanced Strategic Planning

Creative E.S.P (Enhanced Strategic Planning) is LarsonO’Brien’s results-driven strategic planning methodology. Creative E.S.P’s inherent flexibility allows it to be applied to both micro and macro objectives with equal effectiveness - everything from a new product introduction to a comprehensive enterprise-wide growth initiative.

LarsonO’Brien executive leadership custom tailor Creative E.S.P. programs to best fit your specific challenges and goals. Regardless of program specifics, all Creative E.S.P. programs follow the same fundamental 6-step process.

Step 1


In-person sessions(s) with relevant client executives and personnel to explore, learn, probe and gain initial consensus on objectives, challenges, available resources, and key metrics.

Step 2


Knowledge/intelligence gaps are identified and found where possible. What is learned from Step 1 is combined with proprietary and/or third-party research.

Step 3


Effective strategies to achieve objectives are developed, along with the critical tactics required to drive strategies. Preliminary budget, milestones, metrics, and timeline are mapped.

Step 4

Plan Presentation & Feedback

In-person presentation of Creative E.S.P. report to client, for critical client analysis and feedback.

Step 5


Any required adjustments to the Creative E.S.P. report based upon client analysis and feedback.

Step 6


Plan is executed. Metrics are analyzed. Any adjustments that may be required are made to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

"Everything we do at LarsonO'Brien is strategic - an ad, a video, a press release, or a single tweet. There is no waste. No fluff. Every word, every image, timing, placement, it's all done for a larger purpose, that is to drive a client's strategic plan."

Garrett Andrae, Creative Director Garrett Andrae, Creative Director at LarsonO'Brien