Smarter Solutions for Media

Assuming your ad creative is up to snuff, paid media should pay dividends in the form of increased sales revenues by cost-efficiently putting your ads in front of the right people at the right time.

LarsonO’Brien Media is staffed with seasoned media experts who stay atop media consumption habits and trends of building product targets, including architects, contractors, engineers, owners, distributors, and others.

LarsonO’Brien Media works collaboratively with clients to create custom media plans that are both effective and efficient in reaching targeted prospects and buying influencers. We stay abreast of new media offerings and carefully evaluate all media properties on their own merits and their suitability for helping to achieve client objectives.

Media services include:

  • Media planning
  • Plan integration with PR initiatives
  • Media negotiating & buying
  • Stewardship of plan
  • Metrics/analytics reporting

Insight Ignites Information

What do you know? 

Specifically, what do you know about your targets, buying influencers, markets, and channels? Is your value proposition resonating with prospects or not? What do your prospects really think of your products and services? Which of your competitors is your biggest threat? Are you being outmaneuvered in the market?  What should you know that you don’t know? 

The job of LarsonO’Brien Research is to discover answers to these and many other important questions so that we can make the best possible strategic and tactical recommendations for growing your business. 

A key contributor to the Creative ESP process, LarsonO’Brien Research also performs special research projects on behalf of clients whenever and wherever it’s required. Additionally, LarsonO’Brien conducts regular industry focus groups with architects and contractors to supplement its inventory of third-party research.

Research services include:

  • Benchmarking studies
  • Competitive analyses
  • Focus groups
  • Instant surveys
  • Proprietary research
  • Access to third-party industry research

“Not so long ago running print ads in a handful of key magazines and including your catalog in a couple compendiums drew sufficient attention to your product and company. Now, everything’s changed and will continue to change. Our job is to stay out in front of the changes so that our clients’ media spends maximize effectiveness and efficiency.”

Julie Pintar, Director of Media & Research Julie Pintar, Director of Media and Research at LarsonO'Brien