Consultation and Execution Backed By Experience and Proven Results

LarsonO’Brien Growth Consulting services are headed by highly experienced and successful former sales and business development executives. The team’s former work experiences and successes include GE (Building Products Division), FedEx, UPS, architectural product start-up Cambridge Architectural, and multi-national specialty contracting firm Birdair.

Whether you’re company is a start-up looking to develop and deploy an effective sales force for the first time, or a well-established brand in need of modernizing your sales philosophy, processes, tools, and metrics, LarsonO’Brien Growth Consulting can help you achieve new revenue both in the short and long term.

Sales Consultation services include:

  • Channel development
  • CRM consulting, development and training
  • Digital asset manager consulting, development and training
  • Lead qualification and nurturing
  • Sales force development and training
  • Sales pitch development and implementation
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales tools (mobile and web applications, sales presentations, con. ed, etc.)
  • Tradeshow support
  • VOC (voice of the customer) studies

“It used to be that marketing merely supported sales. That model and mindset just doesn’t fly any more. Maximizing revenue in today’s building products industry requires seamless integration between marketing and sales. Like the wings of a bird, both marketing and sales must work in perfect unison, not merely to achieve flight but to soar to unprecedented new heights. The job of LarsonO’Brien Growth Consulting is to help clients effectively integrate these functions.”

Vince Scarfo, Director of Growth Consulting Vince Scarfo, COO / Director, Growth Consulting at LarsonO'Brien