Kevin Mayer, Client Growth at LarsonO'Brien

Prepare for a Feast now, or suffer a Famine later.

Did you know, right now, a majority of your prospective customers want to learn about you and your products on their own?

Julie Pintar, Director of Media and Research at LarsonO'Brien

5 Steps to Consider for a Holistic and Actionable Data Strategy for BPMs

These five steps are "mile markers" to consider as you build or refine your data strategy. While the details behind each step are different for everyone, considering these five steps will help validate that you are going down the right path during a very difficult and complex process.

Garrett Andrae, Creative Director at LarsonO'Brien

What’s Your Customer Experience?

Compared to consumer-based industries and other B2Bs, the building products industry is notoriously slow to adapt. Yet, it's proven that early adapting BPMs not only tend to survive, but usually thrive compared to competitors who opt to delay.

Kevin Mayer, Client Growth at LarsonO'Brien

An Open Freeway or Existential Roadblock?

In both our private and professional lives, we consume information today in a vastly different manner than we did a decade ago. Perpetually connected to seemingly infinite networks of information, everything we want to know is right there at our fingertips, whenever we want it. What does this profound paradigm shift in information consumption…

Kevin Mayer, Client Growth at LarsonO'Brien

Gaining the Upper Hand

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with a company without interacting with a human being. That's according to a recent Gartner Customer 360 Report. For better or for worse, this well-researched prediction does not exclude building product manufacturers (BPMs).

Kevin Mayer, Client Growth at LarsonO'Brien

Building Products Marketing

Fabricators and specialty contractors are companies that have a high-degree of competence and skill – typically in a narrow, but critical area of specialization (i.e. roofing, glass, steel, etc.)

Julie Pintar, Director of Media and Research at LarsonO'Brien

What is Your Media Strategy?

For companies marketing building products and/or services to the architectural, design, builder, contractor and owner audiences, smartly buying media is crucial to increasing adoption, creating demand, and meeting revenue goals.

Ron Larson - CEO / Art Director at LarsonO'Brien

Strategies and Tactics

Often, we're introduced to products that are positioned to serve either commercial or residential construction, but not both. This is despite the fact that the product would provide equal value to both segments. As we dig deeper to discover why an entire segment is being ignored, we rarely find a good reason for this missed opportunity.

Kevin Mayer, Client Growth at LarsonO'Brien

Performance-Based Building Design

The building developer/leasing model is in decline in the U.S. More and more of today's Fortune 500 companies are choosing to build and own the buildings in which they operate. As a result of this shift, there is renewed interest in maximizing building performance over the long haul.

Garrett Andrae, Creative Director at LarsonO'Brien

Support and Tools for Architects

Ask a commercial building product manufacturer who their primary target is, and usually architects rank number one. "We sell to the architect. They're our bread and butter."

Kevin Mayer, Client Growth at LarsonO'Brien

This Industry is Complex. We Help Simplify It.

Bravo! But this perceived win is often fleeting, as specification represents just the beginning of an extended sales process – as short as 6 months and as long as 2 years. During this cycle, and at specific times, numerous other influencers and decision-makers must also be convinced of your product’s merits. Otherwise, your product risks…

Managing sales and marketing assets

While selling and marketing in the construction industry, a single project opportunity may require you to communicate regularly with multiple contacts – each taking on a different role in the specification and buying process and, thereby, having unique needs.

Nick Murosky, Director of Public Relations at LarsonO'Brien

The Importance of PR Coverage

First of all, it's important to understand that PR coverage is extremely valuable to a building product manufacturer because it represents a lengthy and educational opportunity to reach thousands of prospects for a relatively low cost. Editorial content is rightly perceived as highly credible and is necessarily more technical than the information…