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In today's hyper-connected, digital-centric world, the incredible majority of new product research is conducted online and an increasing amount of product specification occurs without ever speaking directly to a sales representative.

With new Web technology and ways for information to be shared online being developed at an exceptional rate, the push toward digital media has grown far beyond a trend into an unmistakeable reality, requiring building product manufacturers to either adapt or be left behind. Establishing a Web presence is no longer the finish line. Instead, manufacturers find themselves using the Web as the primary method for disseminating information to potential customers, generating leads, managing customer relationships, providing support to internal staff, and more.

LarsonO’Brien’s Interactive practice boasts extensive experience in not only planning, designing, and developing solutions for the Web, but doing so exclusively for the building industry, giving us a truly unique perspective on how your audience thinks and navigates online. From how architects begin new product research and what makes one product stand out above another to how they navigate from an Advertising/PR referral or search engine result page to a manufacturer’s website and what they do when they get there, our team understands your audience’s behavior. And in an era where Big Brother-esque statistical data can be explored in granular detail, we have the analytics to inform every digital solution we develop – ensuring that the tools we develop for the Web will have the lasting impact needed to transform our client’s business.

Deeply integrated with our Advertising, Public Relations, and other practices, LarsonO’Brien’s unique perspective gives our client’s an unmatched strategic and practical edge when it comes to planning and developing digital tools. From customer-facing websites and custom applications to internal sales and marketing support tools, we provide our client’s with tools that change the way they do business.

Not only do we understand the needs of your audience, but more importantly, we understand you.

We are more than just a team of designers and programmers leveraging new technology to best suit your needs. It is our talent for understanding the complexities of our client’s products and services that sets us apart and turns good projects into great ones – from tools that satisfy requirements to those that exceed expectations and introduce new functionality while maximizing ROI. By spending less time educating a vendor on the intricasies of your product or service, we get to spend more time where it counts and, ultimately, deliver tools that drive sales and accelerate growth.

Come to us with a problem and let us ask the questions that will define the solution. Unlike in print, for example, where the medium is easily defined, on the Web there is no context until you create it. That context could become a website, an e-mail or social media campaign, a digital brochure, an interactive product specification guide, a visualizer tool, and more. The possibilities are truly endless – and where the need can be satisfied while introducing additional functionality that adds value, we will help you find it. Ask the right questions and a website becomes a content-managed website that dramatically decreases annual maintenance spending, an iPad app becomes a cross-platform custom Web application accessible from any tablet or smartphone, a digital asset manager becomes a primary source of generating high quality leads and sharing specifications and details with customers, or a presentation application becomes a manageable database of sales support tools that unify your sales force and maximize your investment.

Anything is possible, so whether you’ve got a project in mind or are simply brainstorming ways to expand your reach online, talk to us and we will take you project to the next level. Services offered in our Interactive practice include:

  • Content-managed websites
  • Custom applications
  • Responsive front-end design
  • Digital asset management
  • Intranet development
  • Tablet literature
  • Sales presentation tools
  • iPad/Android app development
  • Estimation/calculator tools
  • Product visualizers
  • Interactive product demonstrations
  • Customer relationship management
  • E-mail campaign management
  • Marketing automation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media campaign management
  • and much, much more!