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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The LarsonO'Brien Continuing Education practice combines our technical expertise, our creative capabilities and our platform development skills. We produce architectural continuing education courses for manufacturers from scratch, with the highest-quality media-rich content and HD video. We strive to make every course relevant, compelling, and well worth the time and attention of your prospects. In addition, continuing education topics are always strategically aligned with our clients' marketing strategies and branded accordingly.

Intensive research, impeccable writing and expert HD video production culminate in the most thorough and engaging content in the industry. We get architects' undivided attention, and we keep it.

To host our courses, we created – a first-of-its-kind continuing education platform that presents course content as streaming video and is accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablet devices, and smartphones.

The Continuing Architect

Continuing Education practice offerings include:

  • Presentation design and programming
  • Research
  • Technical writing
  • Video production (HD and 4K)
  • Online hosting