LarsonOBrien - Building Market Leaders, Impact Marketing - Pittsburgh, Baltimore


LarsonO'Brien Advertising services are delivered three ways; through Account Services, Creative Services, and Media and Research.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient tools and the most effective messaging they've ever experienced – work that grabs attention, creates an aspiration in your prospects' minds, and ultimately delivers more qualified leads. That's what we do every day, from complex multi-year, multi-media campaigns to one-off sales presentations.

We understand buying influencers in the building design and construction industry – architects, contractors and owners – and because we listen to them every day, often one-on-one, because our people have worked in the dirt and on their side of the desk, because we have a breadth of service that touches their roles on every level, we know them from a broader and deeper perspective than any other advertising/marketing firm. Through our Media and Research department, LarsonO'Brien supplements existing industry research and makes it available to all our clients. Extensive surveying and annual focus-groups deliver a keen understanding of what architects, contractors and owners want most from a product or service and, ultimately, what it takes to make a sale.

Clients are also often surprised to find that in order to provide a steady stream of interesting and relevant video content, our Advertising practice provides complete in-house high definition audio/video production and editing services including animation. According to a study conducted by Cisco, video will soon account for 84 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic.

In recent years, our work has won top awards from Sweet's, Architectural Record, Hanley Wood and several national trade associations.

Advertising practice offerings include:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Animation
  • Audio production
  • Brand development
  • Concept renderings
  • Corporate identity development
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Focus groups
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Market research
  • Media planning, buying and coordination
  • New product/service launches
  • Online advertising
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Photo retouching
  • Print advertising
  • Sales literature writing and design
  • Sales presentation creation
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Trade show graphics and presentations
  • Video production
  • Writing