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Growth Consulting

Qualify, Nurture, Manage, Sell, Grow. Repeat.

You can invest heavily in building brand awareness and preference, in creating demand and generating sales leads. Yet one sobering fact remains: Any investment that generates inquiries, but fails to convert these efforts into sales, is a bad investment.

LarsonO’Brien Growth Consulting services help you convert leads into sales.

Sales leads require a qualification process that fills your pipeline with legitimate opportunities and doesn’t waste precious time and resources. Qualification requires management tools utilizing up-to-date information and the latest technology to streamline how leads are used and interpreted.

LarsonO’Brien integrates your marketing efforts with your business development and sales initiatives, turning demand into sales and helping your business to profit and grow.

Growth Consulting services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Lead Qualification & Nurturing
  • Business Development & Sales Organizational Structure
  • Web & CRM Interface
  • Asset & Contact Management Tools
  • Tailoring your sales pitch to mirror your messaging
  • Business Development Tools (mobile and web applications, sales presentations, etc.)