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The building design and construction industry is far more complex than many other B-to-B segments. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Extended sales cycles, two to three years on average
  • A highly detailed specification and contracting process
  • Multiple-staged contracting methods with variable target audiences at each stage, influencing and/or making decisions whether to use your product or not
  • Entirely new contracting methods that are being embraced – like Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Compounding this complexity, we're also in the midst of an unprecedented industry sea change. For example, building design is rapidly evolving to accommodate:

  • Owner-mandated performance metrics
  • Life cycle assessment requirements
  • Sustainability mandates
  • Increasingly more stringent codes that are being enforced

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Today, to be successful and to grow, all parties – manufacturers and service providers – must now collaborate more closely than ever before, with architects, engineers, owners, consultants, and others, in a lengthy and complex design, specification, and contracting process.

The shifting sands of our industry has left many manufacturers and service providers in perpetual "scramble mode", continuously in a reactive state, trying desperately to hold ground to competitors and uncertain of the future.

It doesn't have to be this way.

LarsonO’Brien's 11-member executive management team brings more than 300 years of experience in the building design and construction industry in areas of marketing, sales, business development, and product development and positioning. Under this team's direction, utilizing LarsonO'Brien Creative ESP methodology, we develop proactive and tailored strategic and tactical plans for clients. Our plans are designed to generate near-term revenue to help fund growth initiatives. Offering more than just planning, we also closely assist with the plan's implementation to ensure maximum results.

More About LarsonO'Brien CESP

  • A proven four-step strategic planning methodology producing exemplary results upon implementation
  • Directly engages executive leaders from three LarsonO’Brien service areas: Growth Consulting, Impact Marketing, and Product Innovation with your C-Suite
  • Designed to generate near-term revenue to help fund growth initiatives
  • Addresses our industry’s complexities as well as current and future evolutions
  • Clearly defines short- mid- and long-term objectives, milestones and goals
  • Examines the entire critical path for creating demand and generating sales
  • Provides strategic and tactical recommendations based on comprehensive industry knowledge and wisdom that can only be earned with time
  • Outlines costs and timelines for plan implementation
  • Sources resources for implementation of plan components
  • Establishes and tracks metrics to justify your investment
  • Requires 60-90 days to generate a final plan

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