Q: Is LarsonO’Brien an ad agency?
A: Yes. LarsonO’Brien is an award-winning full-service advertising, PR, and digital agency. However, we are highly specialized for the building products industry. Therefore, we offer the highest level of strategic engagement and consultative services that are generally not expected from an ad agency.

Q: Why should I want to hire a specialist agency over a generalist agency with building products experience?
A: The building industry is highly complex, often with very long sales cycles, a multitude of influencers, and a wide range of channels to navigate. Through our breadth of experience and as our sole focus, we understand these complexities. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what’s required to build brand, create awareness, and generate leads, but also how to convert these leads into loyal repeat customers.

Q: Will LarsonO’Brien do project work? Or, do you only engage on a full-service basis?
A: As long as you’re a building product manufacturer that doesn’t compete directly with our full-service clients, you can hire LarsonO’Brien for project work. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How long has LarsonO’Brien been in business?
A: Since 1971. We were founded as a B2B advertising and PR agency. In 2006, we became a specialist agency serving building product manufacturers exclusively.

Q: Do you have residential as well as commercial building product experience?
A: Yes. We have extensive experience in both sectors.

Q: Why building products?
A: It’s an industry we are very passionate about and have had great success. Our success has bred more success and, today, our executive team also includes individuals with extensive real-world experience managing and growing building product companies.

Q: How do you stay creative and in-tune with advertising and marketing trends by working only for clients in the building products industry?
A: LarsonO’Brien is a founding member of Second Wind, one of the nation’s largest ad agency networks. Through this organization and others, LarsonO’Brien stays abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies. In terms of creativity, we hire experienced, talented and creative people with diverse backgrounds – some from large agencies with extensive C2C experience, some directly from the building industry, and some from the c-suite of large international companies, like UPS and GE. This diversity of people combined with the breadth of the building industry and its rapid evolution, ensure that nothing gets old, especially creativity.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We’re headquartered in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, eight miles south of downtown Pittsburgh, PA. We also have client service offices in Baltimore, MD; Erie, PA; and Los Angeles, CA

Q: Do you have international experience?
A: Yes. We’ve helped several US companies penetrate overseas markets including China, Europe, and the Middle East. Also, we work with European and Australian companies market in North America.

Q: Will I get your A Team?
A: Unlike large generalist ad agencies who assign B2B clients to the junior staff, all our clients get our best minds and talent. Our junior employees are very important to us as they represent our future, but they are used only in support our senior staff until gaining a level of experience. With LarsonO’Brien you engage with our principals on a regular basis.

Q: I'm interested in learning more about how LarsonO'Brien can help. Who should I contact?
A: Contact Kevin Mayer, Director of Client Growth. He's more than happy to listen to your needs and tell your more.