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Why LarsonO'Brien

Why LarsonO’Brien?

Business consultants, product consultants, ad agencies, PR firms, interactive shops - each a dime a dozen. Finding one that specializes in your industry? Rare. Pinpointing one organization that seamlessly integrates all essential services, exclusively for client companies in the building design and construction industry? That’s a revolutionary discovery. That’s LarsonO’Brien.

What our specialization means for you

Specialization correlates to our depth and breadth of building industry knowledge and experience. This matters, especially in the complex, multilayered, and fast-evolving building industry. Unlike generalists, who bring a time- and money-consuming learning curve to the table, LarsonO’Brien engages immediately with new clients with minimal knowledge ramp-up. To produce the transformational results – the kind upon which we’ve built our reputation – it’s not enough to merely skim the surface. Instead, we employ individuals with precise combinations of direct and indirect building industry experience, proven abilities to formulate creative and effective solutions to complex challenges, and the drive to significantly build upon our company’s knowledge base, all for the benefit of our clients.

Why integrated services matter

R&D, Marketing, Sales. When the three are strategically synchronized - with each effort connected and operating at peak efficiency - remarkable transformations occur. These are precisely the areas to which LarsonO’Brien lends valuable insight, guidance, and assistance. Our three service categories are available for clients to tap into as needed, in any combination, to fill any gaps in a company’s capabilities and expertise. Some clients only require Growth Consulting. Others, Impact Marketing alone. Still others, strictly Product Innovation. Our service offerings are entirely flexible to meet your current needs and capabilities.

Proven results that breed two-way success

What matters most when considering hiring any consulting or marketing firm is the company’s track record. We invite you to explore our case studies for client success stories and encourage you to reach out to our clients at any time, to attain unfiltered points of view. LarsonO’Brien’s continued success and growth is unequivocally tied to our clients’ continued success and growth.

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