Building Market Leaders

The building industry is in the midst of an unprecedented evolution. LarsonO'Brien partners with you to achieve your goals.

LarsonO'Brien – Impact Marketing, Growth Consulting, Product Innovation – Pittsburgh, Baltimore

LarsonO'Brien provides strategic and integrated marketing and consultative services for companies desiring to increase revenue and grow market share in the building design and construction industry. LarsonO'Brien's ten-member executive team combines more than 300 years of real-world leadership within the construction industry, in business development, sales, marketing and R&D.

For more than a decade, LarsonO'Brien's proven strategic planning methodologies, industry insights, creativity and expert execution have consistently produced transformational and revenue-generating results for our clients.


Creative ESP

Enhanced Strategic Planning

Product Innovation

Disrupt and leapfrog your competition.

Why innovate? Because innovation enables your company to leapfrog your competitors, sometimes for years. Innovation creates market disruption from which your competition may never recover. Innovation is key to cementing your company as a market leader.

Impact Marketing

Building brands. Generating demand. Sustaining Relevancy.

Change. Accept it and leverage it to your advantage. A company can lead change, synchronize itself with change, or remain hopelessly lost in it. LarsonO’Brien Impact Marketing services are designed specifically to help our clients achieve the first or second and to prevent the third.

Growth Consulting

Qualify, Nurture, Manage, Sell, Grow. Repeat.

You can invest heavily in building brand awareness and preference, in creating demand and generating sales leads. Yet one sobering fact remains: Any investment that generates inquiries, but fails to convert these efforts into sales, is a bad investment.


Experience our impact on these leading companies.

LarsonO’Brien’s success and growth is unequivocally tied to our clients’ success and growth. Explore the case studies below to learn more about our impact:

Banker Wire | The Brief

LarsonO’Brien takes Banker Wire from a top–tier, but humble manufacturer to a “Dreamweaver.”

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Cambridge Architectural | The Brief

LarsonO'Brien helps establish a new category of building product, quadrupling sales within one year.

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Sefar | The Brief

Proof that advertising works: An architect sees our client’s ad, calls our client, specs their product.

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Follansbee | The Brief

LarsonO'Brien helps develop a new product, solving a problem most considered unsolvable.

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Birdair | The Brief

LarsonO’Brien transforms Birdair, Inc., from revenue decline to market leader.

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Ellison Bronze | The Brief

LarsonO’Brien helps Ellison Bronze discover gold in its elite brand of commercial door.

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