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Today's building industry is complex,
multi-layered and ever-changing. If you're looking for a marketing firm that...

  • Has an ever-increasing and deepening
    understanding of today's building industry
  • Will help you reach your marketing goals
    and increase your market share
  • Demonstrates success in helping
    companies like yours to grow and prosper
  • Has the experience and specialization
    to engage immediately with you to develop
    a strategy for growth.
  • Is built and staffed from the ground up specifically
    to serve client companies in the building industry
  • Look to LarsonO'Brien.
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LarsonO'Brien exclusively provides strategic and tactical marketing services to a select group of client companies in the building industry. Our clients are U.S. and international manufacturers of architectural products and systems, specialty contractors, industry consortiums and educational organizations.

Like you, our clients share a simple goal: to be preferred by building decision makers.

Of course, the simplicity of this goal belies the complexity of achieving it. That's because today's "building decision makers" are principal- project- specifying- first-year- intern-architects; owners, real estate management groups; general- sub- specialty-contractors; building- construction- LEED- Net-Zero-consultants; civil- electrical- mechanical- structural- green- engineers; buying groups and government agencies... just to name a few.

Your prospects are compelled to know more, read more, learn more. They obsess. They recall. They decide to specify, buy, own, install and then when it's all over they talk about their pride in their wise decision. Building envelope, interior products, new product launches, sustainability, energy, lighting, surfaces, coatings, materials, aesthetics or function, HVAC, plumbing, electrical. There's someone out there who's just right for you – and we introduce you.

They call us transformational. Like when we doubled client A's sales in six months. Then we did it again six months later. In the middle of the worst economy of our lifetimes, we created such demand for client B's hand-crafted, high-end architectural products that their manufacturing can barely keep up with demand. We generated such a high volume of inquiries with our e-newsletters that client C asked for advance notice so they can put extra people on the phones. And D, E, F and G who were getting a greater than 5:1 ROI on their PR dollars.


This success didn't come from clever headlines. This is bigger than that. We put our hearts into it. We pour ourselves into it. We celebrate every lead you get, every contract, and every completion like it was our own. LO/marketing partner or LO/marketing department, according to your needs. Building products' PR, media relations, advertising, continuing education, websites, e-brochures, e-mail marketing, mobile apps, video production and more. A labor of love.



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Many building product manufacturers come to their jobs with a work history in sales or plant operations. They understand their product lines inside and out and they make better decisions regarding the positioning of those product lines, as a result. They work seamlessly with their ad agency on creation of ads and brochures, continuing education and public relations.

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